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Welcome to Inzet

Inzet is an emerging Indian Pharmaceutical Research, Manufacturing and Marketing Company established a strong and experienced team of professionals having a pan India presence. The launch of Inzet was a conscious decision to promote research, production and sales of cost effective, value added, and tested quality products. Inzet specialized in a most sophisticated and state-of-the-art quality products across specialties like Critical Care, Anaesthesia and Plasma Derivatives. Today, Inzet Pharmaceutical is the preferred choice of domestic healthcare industry in providing exceptional products, services and solutions. Our customers know us for excellence in everything that we do. Inzet believes in achieving success through strong values such as Integrity, Transparency and Respect for People.


Our Facilities

All our facilities are ISO certified for their quality, environmental management and operational health and safety systems. Operations and facilities meet current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and are benchmarked to international standards.

Our Quality Policy

Quality policy of Inzet Pharmaceutical is to produce high-quality therapeutic products and make them readily available in the market at competitive prices. Quality, as defined by our company, is not only conformance to specifications as per international quality standards, but also building quality within the product in order to achieve the desired results within the expected time. Our quality system is based on the principle that there is always room for enhancement and every member should contribute towards achieving the highest standards of quality.

Our Mission & Vision

A brief idea about us
Inzet Pharmaceutical aims to be the best healthcare company providing innovative, unique products and services that improves lives of the patients; to be known as a best place to work for our employees; and to provide higher rate of return to investors and channel partners.

Inzet Pharmaceutical is committed to expand access to all its medicines and improve global health. We aspire to research, develop and commercialize safe, potent and cost-efficient emergency therapeutic medicines and become a leader in Critical Care and Anesthesia segments.


We firmly believe that learning is an on-going process. Our aim and efforts have always been to attract the best talent and provide a supportive workplace conducive to all-round productivity. Innovative and creative thinking is encouraged, and employees are given ample opportunity to express their ideas. As an equal-opportunity employer, we encourage constructive participation in all aspects. Our policies and procedures ensure fairness and impartiality. We support a culture of collaboration and meritocracy. This has helped build teams with like-minded goals and aspirations. We develop and implement wide-ranging training programs to bring about measurable change in knowledge, skills, attitude and social behaviour of our employees. To support that relentless hunt for innovation and excellence in our staff, we implement training programs to enhance knowledge, skills, attitude and social behavior of our employees.